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Integral to the Risk Framework™ is our curriculum of fundamental and advanced education courses. QRM seeks to empower clients by keeping them well-versed in current risk practice methodologies and analytical models. The education curriculum offers a direct transfer of our knowledge and experience, making clients experts in the field.

Education courses are conducted at QRM's Chicago headquarters in our state-of-the-art education center, as well as in our London and Singapore offices. Additional courses are also offered regularly in each region, and at client sites (by request) via the web.

We are constantly evaluating, expanding, and reworking our education courses and syllabi in response to client feedback and the necessities of the market.

The Fundamentals of Risk Practice Engineering
The Fundamentals of Risk Practice Reengineering course is designed to familiarize all new clients with the basic but essential philosophies and processes of the Risk Framework™. The two-day course consists of both lecture and hands-on modeling. Class sizes are limited to ensure each new client gets the attention and feedback needed.

Advanced Education
In addition to our introductory course, QRM offers a full curriculum of advanced courses designed for clients who have a firm understanding of basic risk processes and are striving to create a unified enterprise-wide risk management practice. These courses cover a wide variety of material and educate clients with topics such as profitability, credit risk integration, underlying financial concepts, advanced modeling techniques, and modes of analysis.

Examples of Advanced Education Include:

  • Planning & Forecasting Fundamentals
  • Value-at-Risk
  • Hedge Optimization
  • Mortgage Banking Risk Concepts
  • Designing Effective Management Reporting

Client Conferences

QRM's Client Conferences are held annually at the University of Chicago Gleacher Center and at QRM's headquarters, both located in downtown Chicago. These conferences, to which all QRM's clients are invited, feature advanced educational courses and seminars in the specialized topics our clients must embrace to achieve industry-wide best practices.

These events are for QRM clients only. The conferences give them an opportunity to meet with QRM personnel and to exchange ideas with a "who's who" of top professionals from a variety of global institutions.

This year's QRM Conferences brought together over 400 of the industry's top professionals. The conferences included 112 hours of presentation material, over 122 topical presentations, and 16 hands-on educational seminars.

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