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Risk Practice Consulting

Achieving best practice enables an institution to make educated modeling choices, integrate departments, quickly react to market adjustments, and create a risk process open to change. Institutions that understand and act upon these challenges maintain risk practices that are a competitive advantage, rather than an exercise in compliance. Competitive financial institutions make appropriate modeling choices, continuously obtain reputable advice from industry experts, and develop a risk process that welcomes change and progress.

QRM has over 20 years of experience helping clients transform their risk practice into a competitive advantage. No matter what the sophistication level of the current risk practice, QRM consultants, leveraging years of industry experience, work with clients to identify areas for improvement and facilitate change. QRM consultants and Subject Matter Experts provide modeling advice, assist with result diagnostics, and serve as a sounding board for clients seeking to change their operations. A comprehensive selection of white papers is always available to those clients looking to understand enhanced modeling techniques or the direction of the industry as a whole. QRM's risk practice consulting has one goal: to enable the client to consistently achieve higher risk-adjusted returns through the adoption of best practices.

Leverage the Experience and Expertise of an Industry Veteran Dedicated to Your Practice
New QRM clients are immediately assigned a Client Relationship Manager (CRM). QRM's Client Relationship Managers are responsible for overseeing a client's overall progress, internalizing short-term goals, and ensuring its risk processes are constantly evolving and improving. CRMs conduct periodic conference calls, carry out satisfaction surveys, recommend education courses, and provide face-to-face consulting when needed.

Additionally, CRMs keep an ongoing audit of their client’s risk practice in the QRM Score Card. The Score Card is an objective measure of each organization’s current risk practice compared to industry best practices. Throughout the engagement, CRMs lead their clients towards integrated, updated, and revolutionized risk practices, always pushing the industry benchmark higher.

The Client Relationship Manager's overall goal is to ensure that clients maximize the effectiveness of services offered in each engagement. Building an enterprise-wide risk management process must be done in steps and each step must be done well.

Rely on QRM for Specialized Advice from Each of Our Risk Practices
Once a client is ready to expand the scope of its processes to include advanced profitability analysis, loss forecasting, or economic capital calculation, its CRM employs the expertise of Subject Matter Experts and Practice Leaders from each of QRM's Practices. As the CRM is very familiar with the client's current requirements, the client hits the ground running when undertaking advanced risk practice reengineering. QRM catalogues and applies the knowledge we continuously gain from our clients' risk processes, and then leverages this information base to continually update our approach to best practice consulting.

Look to Experts for Daily Modeling and Validation Guidance
Every day, clients are faced with simple, one-off modeling and validation questions which require expert advice and guidance. QRM's Framework Consultants and Subject Matter Experts, available nearly around-the-clock during business days, are prepared to provide clients the modeling and validation assistance they need to fine-tune financial models. Our consultants can be reached via phone or email, and use industry-standard remote connection tools to facilitate communication and increase efficacy.

Advice, Guidance, Knowledge
In QRM's experience, those institutions most likely to reach best practice are those most accommodating to change. All elements of QRM's Risk Practice Consulting are designed to deliver the advice, guidance, and knowledge necessary for clients to build an enterprise-wide risk practice that enhances risk-adjusted returns through the optimal use of capital.

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