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How We Do It

To serve all dimensions of our clients' risk management needs, QRM has created the Risk Framework™, a unique offering grounded in decades of accumulated knowledge and industry experience. The Risk Framework™ combines the advice of a consulting firm, knowledge of a financial research firm, and models developed with the expertise of an information technology company, to create a comprehensive foundation upon which a financial institution can build an enterprise risk management practice. The Risk Framework™ reengineers a client's risk processes into best practices, and provides the resources they need to maintain and improve upon those practices for the length of the engagement.

QRM offers engagements based on multi-year contracts, with periodic opportunities for clients to disengage if they are unsatisfied with the results of the partnership. We are always thinking two, four, or ten years ahead when reengineering a client's risk practice, to ensure that the client is unquestionably satisfied. This unique style of engagement mandates that we keep our clients at best practice in a constantly changing market.

Our monthly engagement fee includes access to all components of the Risk Framework™–from fundamental education to highly advanced analytical assistance. Our all-inclusive, limited-term business model not only coordinates typically disjointed risk management activities, it also forces us to deliver on our promise of best practice risk management.

Our clients receive:

  • Comprehensive risk practice consulting, including reengineering advice and modeling assistance
  • Periodically updated models (including prepayments, fallout, deposits, and credit events) from our Behavioral Modeling Research group
  • Custom modeling projects
  • The Market Service,  including daily pricing information, model parameterization and tuning, model performance, and market commentary
  • Introductory and advanced client education courses
  • Extensive educational resources
  • Annual week-long conferences
  • A customized analytical framework for storing all processes, models, and analytical methods
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