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Enterprise Risk Management

QRM was a pioneer in working with organizations to consolidate disparate risk processes into a comprehensive enterprise-wide practice. Since its inception, QRM has been delivering the advice, knowledge, and tools necessary to achieve uniform enterprise risk management.

QRM's clients build enterprise-wide risk management practices that bring distinct advantages to each of their risk groups. Credit risk experts create accurate balance sheet forecasts with amortizations and prepayments. Market risk experts calculate more accurate exposure derivatives by incorporating the impact of credit events. ALM managers create dynamic earnings forecasts which incorporate changes in fair value, and expected and unexpected loss. When combined into an integrated process, each expert's competitive advantage is leveraged and redundant and/or conflicting modeling is eliminated. In the end, QRM clients produce more accurate analysis and business intelligence faster and with fewer conflicts, enabling them to increase risk-adjusted returns and shareholder value.

QRM Offers Four Integrated Enterprise Risk Management Engagements:

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