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Enterprise-wide Balance Sheet Analysis from Start to Finish
QRM's Risk Framework is the first service to deliver a truly integrated risk modeling process to insurance companies. With QRM, clients build a financial modeling practice that captures the entire balance sheet management process from start to finish and integrates all modeling processes, including product pricing, hedging, asset-adequacy analysis, economic capital analysis, and GAAP and statutory projections. Resulting processes are standardized and scalable, easily meeting the industry's ongoing challenges, like principles-based approaches to reserving and capital. Our approach has been specifically designed to eliminate conflicts, redundancies, inconsistencies, and reliance on internal development, while improving overall access to the critical information necessary for effective strategic decisions.

Modeling processes are built within a common technology framework to ensure consistency and efficiency. Through this unified framework, our clients are able to rapidly update analysis and calibrate it to current market conditions. Additionally, QRM's Market Service delivers current and historical market information that is automatically reflected in the modeling process.

Increased Collaboration
QRM encourages each client to share knowledge across its constituents.  With a collaborative and integrated approach, experts in any area of the organization can update cross-departmental model components quickly and consistently.  As a result, each area of the organization leverages a specialist’s expertise.

In addition, clients are encouraged to lean on QRM's consultants and actuaries for best practice advice and guidance. The Risk Framework™ provides unlimited advice and guidance while clients migrate to and maintain an integrated financial modeling practice.

Easily Customized Reporting
QRM's clients leverage Microsoft's powerful OLAP technology and Reporting Services to quickly build customized reports easily accessible throughout the organization. These enterprise-level reports satisfy a variety of needs: executives obtain top-level projected earnings and surplus position reports under various economic scenarios, while analysts efficiently generate the drilled-down reports to make sense of all the details.

Scalable, Adaptable Technology
QRM continually works to ensure that modeling techniques remain state-of-the-art; as a result, the client's technical environment is never overtaken by process requirements or model complexity. Our consultants work with IT departments to create an optimal environment that unites all data feeds and optimizes architecture based on the organization's budget, speed requirements, and analytical goals. QRM clients are consequently able to build an integrated modeling practice for the entire balance sheet, executed and delivered in time for effective decision making.

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